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Saturday, 6 August 2016


The Million Dollar fish  is set to happen again at the end of the year and into next year....

   SEASON 2  1 OCT 16 - 28 FEB 17
....but will we be able to fish for them on the flats in Bynoe?????

Recent closures for recreational fishers to parts of Bynoe under the Kenbi Land Claim these areas cut off to us and replies from the Northern Land Council (NLC) to our requests for permits have been rejected with replies like this,

"The two areas that you have mentioned below Crocodile Island and Knife Island are both off-limits and no public access is permitted to the beaches and intertidal zones."

These are the areas referred to....the intertidal is in red and the Islands are in white..

these flats have long been fished for barra but now it seems they are out of bounds, until at least 5pm on the 20th December 2016.....as is set out in this information from the NLC site..

Now this information is the latest we can find,  Question is...."what  happens to the areas mentioned in both part 1) and 2) after 5pm on the 20th December, 2016. Does that mean that after that date all these areas below also become 'out of bounds'???

Will all the red areas be out of bounds after the 20th December???
Under the Blue Mud Bay decision an agreement was made in relation to intertidal water for recreational fishers and they could apply for a permit to fish those waters.... that expired on the 31 December 2015 according to the information on the NLC site..We don't know if this may still apply and have asked the NLC if we could get a permit to fish these waters under that decision.  At this stage they have not replied.

We have also sent to the Minister and have received no reply from his office.    AFANT has been made aware of our concerns and are responding, but if you are making arrangements for visitors to fish in the next few months the outcome of all this might have an affect on their travels......because if the million dollar fish is in any of these areas and they are closed off....you have no chance if you are a visitor.

I suspect the Bynoe/Dundee locals and businesses must be worried about this as well as local fishing guides.

There is an election coming up and even though this will be forwarded to all parties, I suspect it will be put into the too hard tray or some type of spin or political bullshit will be the replies.

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  1. UPDATE NLC have issues us a permit to fish the intertidal waters in their areas, no entry to land. Thank you to them.