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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Bynoe harbour and the Kembi Land Claim

                Barra and Threadfin live in intertidal waters all over the Kembi land Agreement

A short follow up to the post previous and the issue around the Kembi land claim.

As the executive of the NTGFIA I was briefed of the agreement that was undertaken by all participants in early 2013. In that briefing it was set out that no access would be denied in low tide areas but we were asked to not land on Knife ,Crocodile, Indian island and to respect those areas.

If what this map shows to be true as per the instruction on inter tidal areas by the NLC it is a reversal of agreement that has been signed off by the federal Minister.

Noting that you have requested a response from the NLC and NT Minister don't hold your breath , this is a federal agreement and with the NT Government as shown in the Finnis River fiasco, it's powerless.

The ramifications of having to obtain a permit (is it free) or be refused one is far reaching and impacts on already reduced access across the NT. This map would put in doubt 75% of the estimated 4000 kms of shoreline within the Bynoe parameters.

Having said this the obvious question is how do they police such a huge area without it being marked as such, the high interaction by Darwin residents and interstate visitors is in the thousands annually and is a major influence.

I would suggest that this will come down to Paul Henderson's promise that we will, ....." not pay for fishing access in inter tidal waters!!".  If Labor end up in government in the NT we will be knocking on the door and reminding them of that promise.

Let's hope commonsense prevails, we have advised the government previously that you would have to have an agreement defining where the low tide is, its not possible without very specific GPS, signs and warnings, the general public will never accept deeming lines (lines of convenience) as to where you can go otherwise the court systems will be choked up for years in trespass infringements that cannot be issued on the spot like speeding fines.

Photo below has no relationship to the above, on a recent trip south it was one of the biggest Eastern Grey Roo"s that I have ever seen.

                                                A gym junkie Wallaby on a friends farm .

Cheers Graeme 

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