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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Going with the last of the flow

I was at Bynoe at the same time as the NT Fly fishers mob although I didn't get see to many on the water.
There were plenty of fish around,lots of "encounters" and its all about going with the flow
Barra were unpredictable as usual in the first part of the neaps,on one flat they wont eat and the next one they do. I have decided after 1000's of encounters its not the fly, its their pedantic nature and you will find  there is only one cast "The right One " because if it doesn't pass their focal point (within 50 cms) they rarely eat or follow.

Some say their lazy, my take on that is they are just super efficient at how they live and if you like shallow flats when its dropping as I do remember this,  the turn of the high is a feeding moon phase,they will eat for two hrs max in the back of the mangroves,by the time you get to see them its dinner over, your on the last of the flow in shallow water. Barra and Threadfin leave because they have to then its up to you how quick and accurate you are ? if it takes more then 2 casts to put your fly where  it should be they start to get suspicious.

                        If the Fly landed in the centre of that ring with refraction  they can be a metre away.

By the end of the last tides it was getting good the fish warmed up and when the low got closer to midday they were getting more responsive.

Looking forward to the next 7 days afternoon dropouts for the first 3 days and then chasing the morning lows all week.                                        
Cheers Graeme


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