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Monday, 8 August 2016

Rare Opportunity

The last outing of the NT Fly fishers was interesting, I had the opportunity to go fishing on a good tide which is pretty rare as I'm usually watching someone else.

Dotty and I headed out, we cast to some nice fish and got completely ignored, a lot of fish on the shallows  water temps around 22c with the morning temperature being 13c but ambient air at that cold plays havoc with shallow water and they all had coats on. I went again on my own on the Monday and sought out some flats that I knew had some great fish.
First one in the 80's stopped dead when I put a fly across its nose, the next 20 either swam around the fly or turned and went back the other way, I hooked two and caught nothing, the fish were there, the casting good so I packed up and went home to Darwin.

Wednesday Matt Henger and I went into Darwin harbour,the low tide at 11.30 am was better with warmer temps, fish everywhere on one stretch there were over 100 Barra in small to medium groups .

Saw a number of Threadfin swimming with groups of Barra

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