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Monday, 2 May 2016

Flood plain drains

Since my earlier post this morning (I love my weekends!) I have had a couple of phone calls asking me what is meant by the water coming off the plains. The attached video from last week end at Corroboree show a well defined drain with a body of water behind it. That water on the plain was only a couple of inches deep and was very slowly moving off and was full of bait, all of which did not know what to do, stay and evade the birds or swim like hell into the gauntlet of Tarpon and Barra. Just before light this point was like a washing machine on maximum wash cycle with Tarpon feeding on the bait fish and Barra feeding on the Tarpon. "The food chain". The 80 cm Barras from last week came from this spot.

While this video shows the drain very well most are concealed by the lilies but the same principle applies and this is what I hunted out this weekend up the back of the Rockhole.

Hope this answered some of your questions for those that have shown an interest and I am sure that an answer to one question propagates half a dozen others such is the magic of fly fishing.

Remember; "You'll never never know, if you never never go! Get out there and fish."

Tight line
Jim Churchley

Thanks to the NT Flyfishers IT section for making this happen. I was lost big time. Cheers Roggie!

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