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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Few hours on the water this morning!

Gave a visit to one of my favourite small Billabongs early this morning and had a fun few hours pulling a few scales over the gunwales.

2nd cast of the day!

Roggies fly did the damage

Tally for the day went 2 Barra (56 & 60), 8 Saratoga, 2 Tarpon and, of course, 1 Catfish.


With the dry season only a handful of days old I think many a Billabongs are going to have a tough year with water levels.

Should only be able to see the two trunks!!!! Not the roots!

This photo shows just how low the water is now. Normally the water is right up to the base of the tree trunks, approximately 1.5 metre higher than it is now. Bring on an early wet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember: “You’ll never never know, if you never never go. Get out there and fish!”

Tight lines

Jim Churchley 

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