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Saturday, 21 May 2016


Just been talking to Big Dave about fishing from the beach as he too is land bound for a while, (Trailer is stuffed) so he was going to try the beaches where he is working out bush.  We got to talking about the flies that seemed to work much better than others, the 'See Through' flies as I call them. Cathie started using them a couple of years ago when I was running out of material and I made some anaemic smaller flies with a 'sea foam' colour DNA in the centre.   Since then we have found that stuff like EP fibre and a courser type of that fibre we got from 'At the River Bend' which is even more 'see through' has been taken more than the solid type of fly in the Saltwater.   (Haven't tried them in the fresh yet)
These larger 'See Through' flies caught everything while solid flies were ignored??
Yesterday on the beach, the 'see through' with a DNA centre caught all the fish while the other from all DNA never got a hit.  All of this was in the same water only metres apart.

The stiff curly fibre material they are made from is more 'see through' in the water, does not hold water and does not seem to tail rap.

So just to prove a point, we are going to try different ones over the next week to see how they compare and whether or not its a problem with the fly fisher, not the fly!

Like surf candies but not quite..on size 1 hooks.

Here is the type of 'see through' we were using, and we will try different colours. They are almost a short surf candy, but we tried surf candies with no joy.   I'm tying up a heap of these for Cathie and Tuan (Lord) Jim who is off fishing in Asia soon.  (Might inspire another 'Lord Jim'  type of book like Conrad's?)

The green and white 'see through' flies worked on the barra too when others would not?

Green and white see through!

same fly that seemed to work when the others would not??
Still have all the other type of flies, just in case, but...I think we should call these 'peanut' flies based on this quote from Dion in 2014 ....

"Remember the Peanut theory.  It works.  For those that don't know it, the peanut theory is based on the likelihood of fish feeding on small titbits even after they are full and have fed to sufficiency.  I'll guarantee if you've just pigged out on a huge 3 course meal and someone places a bowl of peanuts in front of you, you'll probably still grab a couple (unless you are allergic to peanuts, but you get the idea)."

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