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Friday, 20 May 2016

Dripstone to Lee Point...by foot.

Being beached for the last few months, Cathie needed a fly fishing fix, so we decided to try the beach from Dripstone to Lee Point.  Its been a while since we fished there, and as Cathie informed me its seven months since her last fishing effort.   The tides may not have been the best, not a lot of run, but what a ball we had.   Cathie ended the drought with some small 'Giant'herring and even smaller queenies and trevally, but they were great fun from the beach.  Could not get her out of the bloody water at one stage, the fish were hitting every cast and it was quite exciting.

One of the herring, they were in the shallows in droves.

We were trying a number of flies (and had heaps with us) but Cathie's see through fly with the sea foam centre caught everything, whereas another more solid fly in both sea foam and white, had no hits at all.   We have noticed that if the fly is kind of 'see through', it seems to do a lot better than the solid type of fly, even in the same colours.  Here are the two flies, the one on the left was great because its 'see through?' but the other did no good. (I was using it and that may also have been a contributing factor).

The flies..with a bit of publicity for the 'New'club.

Cathie rock hopping with her new water shoes for  Éxmouth'

My view from the beach chair...I'm taking wine and cheese next time!!!!

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  1. Barb O'Sullivan20 May 2016 at 20:06

    Go Cathy. I like your idea Rog ( wine & cheese )