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Thursday, 12 May 2016

May Club meeting fishing reports

Here a few fishing stories from the recent trips by NT Fly Fisher members
(not all of them but the ones I took notes about, will do better next time)

Dion reports first
  Had a weekday Corroboree trip
  Ventured up to Marrakai lagoon
    Heavily weeded channel requiring a stop every 50m or so to clear weeds from prop
    But once in, the water widen out
    Heaps of toga
    Some unstoppables amongst the weed
  Had a few anxious moments when a large black croc came visiting his small tinnie - totally undeterred by Dion's actions to get it to swim away

Jim spoke up next
  A few trips to FW - see recent blog entries for more details
  Water in billabongs dropping rapidly - flow out but not in
  The Barra netted quite fat
Lots of toga for Jim too, but no size (Dion and others agreed about the lack of sizeable Saratoga recently)
All fish very hungry and keen for the fly

Jim highlighted good tides for flats fishing at Bynoe on the Weekend of the 21st, with a midday low and neap tides
So no hassles getting boat in or out at the Milne inlet ramp. Meet up at Sand Palms if you have the time

Jim also had a bit of the FW Finness river action too, see also the BrokenFlagons blog entry
Jim went 10km or so upstream saying the further you go the wider the river gets
Sooties, Barra - nothing big but very willing

Jim also had a trip up to the FW section of East Alligator. Looking nice, lots of smaller Barra
But every hooked fish, drew bull sharks from everywhere
The bigger fish where under the small ones if you could get a fly through the little ones to them.

'Moustache Phil' had a ball at Lee Point in frothing water with 'fish every where'
Mostly brassie trevally by his description but very aggressive to the fly cast near the reef

At times the full plethora of pelagic species -tuna sometimes, most times - macks, queenies, trevally, and tarpon on this reef
So it has been suggested a trip around Darwin Harbour to the various rock bars and current confluences on the 28th May, dawn launch at East Arm Ramp
Tides not exactly right but still an opportunity for the club to get together and chase a few small pelagics around the harbour. Contact Richard via comments at the end of this blog if interested
We will agree on radio channel and work the harbour as a team till actively feeding fish are found - then we can encourage (or sledge) each other as we get a heap of multiple hookups

Jeff's new boat has been not quite a fish magnet but definitely a police magnet
With four out of four trips being inspected by the police in safety checks - once twice on the same day
The police were checking for compliance with some tinnies not allowed to enter the water due to non-compliance
They checked Epirb registrations, length of chain of the anchor (3m I am told) and the regular safety gear compliance

Get out there catch some fish on fly
Have a report ready for next meeting that I can write up - bring some pictures too to include in the June monthly fishing report blog entry

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