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Monday, 11 April 2016


I started the season in mid March on the neap tide heading to the full moon,the weather was at best inclement with some huge storms turning up due in part to the relentless heat that is persisting right through to now.

The most obvious fact in my 18 yrs of guiding in Bynoe harbour is the high water temperatures,whilst this does not cause a major problem to the medium to small pelagic's there were hundreds literally and juvenile golden snapper it its reeking havoc with Barra and Thready's on the shallow water flats.

I discussed this with a number of people including my son Sam who worked at the Barra Farm for a while,he reiterates the fact Barra are not good feeders after water temps hit 32 deg from then on if they want them to survive the oxygen saturation levels must be artificially raised.

On shallow flats with the water temps constantly between 32 and 34 degrees the Oxygen levels cannot be maintained hence they wont be there,I as you would assume have searched flat after flat over the last month and they are not there, in holes somewhere who really knows all I want is a cool change to turn up.

The larger Queenfish have still not showed up in there usual(my) haunts, thats not unusual either as I have noticed over the years that Golden trevally and Big Queenys are a cooler water fish.

I got talked into doing a 2 day charter on the 8m tide last weekend and frankly it was a disaster the water was absolute mud from Crab Claw to Quail Island and beyond, the result was a few small Queenys with Sunday not one fish ,having such low tides and high water temps the Barra fishing was disgustingly bad this always reinforces my decision to only guide on  moon phases that utilise waxing tides to the new and full moons.

See a New Fly Club is born, The" NT FLY FISHERS " they have their meetings at the Palmerston Golf Club and the the next one is the 13th of April at 6.30 pm.
Dorothee and I wish them all the best and every encouragement and hopefully we will get along to a few meetings this year too.

Cheers Graeme

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