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Monday, 11 April 2016

Fun on the Finniss Fresh

After our success on the harbour we headed to the Finniss the next day for some Sooty Grunter action.
We headed to our usual spot & started prospecting with lures (small poppers).  The 5wt trout fly rod also came along (ear plug popper).  Whilst it was quiet we persisted & started to find fish.

Sooty on a home made wooden popper

I have coated the ear plug poppers with epoxy in an effort to make them waterproof.  Unfortunately they hurt a lot more when your son hits you in the back of the head!  I was amused when Jack managed to get himself later in the day!
We started to pick up fish on the 5wt.

Sooty caught on the 5wt Hardy

We also got some interest from a new species.  He appeared from cover chasing the ear plug fly.  He was very keen and kept following us downstream as we fished.

Finniss Freshie

The fishing was sporadic, quiet periods followed by short bursts of action.

Another one on the fly

The Sooty's fight well on light gear

This is a very pretty river & a great spot to head to for some fun on light gear.  You don't have to get up early as the fishing seems to peak in the middle of the day (don't have to race Jim!).  Cast into the shadows around the snags & work the area well.  Sooty's tend to hide in the hardest places to reach,  resulting in pauses to recover lures / flys.  Eventually your efforts are well rewarded with very audible & visual takes.

Jon & Jack

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