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Monday, 11 April 2016

Tasmania in February March

 I managed to join Dorothee in Tasmania in mid March where we were offered a "shack" at one of my clients getaways on Highland waters near Bronte lagoon.

Highland waters is a created lake and part of the famous London Lakes area in fact its creator Jason Garret came and spent a few days with Dotty and I and helped by offering lots of good advice (mainly to Dotty) and Fly's (mainly to Dotty).

We had the opportunity to fish Lake Big Jim with Guide and friend Greg Beecroft
                                    Samuels, Dee Lagoon, Brady s and a few small rivers .

The weather was generally shithouse like Tassie often is but our shack had a nice fireplace and Jason lent us his electric boat to cruise around on.

Fishing was good to bad for me, great to excellent for Dotty with her catching around 12 to 15  (who cares ) and me five. last day she caught 5 and I got one her last jumped out of the water and into my lap while i was searching for a fly as a total insult .

                                                         Dee Lagoon Run-out

                                                        Some days were really nice

                                                                I was there too

Left Dotty is Tassie and went to Auckland for a wedding and had two days with a friend on the Tongariro River, clear water and big fish everywhere and could not catch one of them.

Next Year will be my year with trout.


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