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Monday, 11 April 2016

Bynoe Heaven

It was school holidays with days off during the week.  Jack & I headed out early to Bynoe for a fish.  The usual haunt at Phoenix was quiet, a few Threadfin moving early but they stopped as the tide ran out.  Heading south Jack spotted some birds working the edge.  As we pulled up there were Threadfin  feeding eagerly.

Jack got the first fish

Jack was onto his first fish almost instantly (good guiding??).  I followed with 2 catfish (apparently I was now -2 points).  Determined we persisted & a second Thready was added to the esky.

The second fish inhaled Roggie's fly

It was before 9 am & we had a Thready each.  Considering we have spent many frustrating hours with these BB's it was a great start.  The action dropped off so we headed for another spot.
One of Jim's / Pete's spots was also quiet so we moved on.
We cruised past Knife Island with no visible activity, the water being the flattest I have seen for many trips.
Arriving at Kiara Rock we started prospecting around the reef behind the rock.  The tide was coming in pretty hard & I realised that although the water was murky we should be able to see fish. Heading north we cruised the edges & started to find Barra, nose down & bum up so to speak.  They weren't feeding at all, despite there being lots of bait around (perhaps related to the water temperature?).  It wasn't long before Jack had his first Barra which was sight cast to.

Jacks first Barra (released)

We continued to find fish, at one stage we had a double hook up!  Unfortunately the fish dropped the fly (this was the second time this fish was hooked). 

Jacks second Barra (also released)

The Barra proved to be lazy, only showing interest in the fly when it went past their nose.  They were not easily spooked, only by my poor casting!!  I would suggest the water clarity may have been beneficial.............

We ended the day fishing the rocks catching Bream & small Queenies.  

Whilst we didn't catch a lot of fish, it was quality fishing.  This will be a day neither of us will ever forget.

Jon & Jack

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