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Thursday, 21 May 2015


For anyone who follows my posts   you might recall me penning an article called  "Everyone loves the Moon " (click to go to post)

                                                     A World of endless possibilities
A significant event has occurred which I allude to in that post of the continuing processions of the Equinox's

                                                                    Golden Trevally
Simplifying  this to some degree you will notice this happening.
In any given 24hr period you have 2 low tides and two high tides ,October to end of April the lowest and highest tides are in the daylight hours from May to end of October they occur in the dark.

                                                     Demonstrating the possibilities
Why ? its a phenomenon in our evolution that the earth's divides our seasons and solstices , an Earth that is not round and on an axis moves the equinoxes from Summer to Autumn Spring to Winter every year.

                                                 First Big Queenfish for a Trout guide
To circumvent the complexity,appreciate it like this.
Two weeks ago  the biggest low was in the daylight now the biggest low is in the dark the Autumn Equinox commenced 2 weeks ago with a low down to 1,0m and the daylight low was no more then 2.3ms.

                                        "The Flyfishing Community"moderator John Billings
What does this mean for us ? if you are a predominantly a shallow water hunter like me it means more time on the flats, thats the bonus and one of the prime reasons I start my guiding in and around the end of April to end of October,that is when we see the return of the spring equinox.

                          First Barra ever Greg Beecroft London Lakes Chief Guide
Last week fishing started well  until the massive high and strong winds sent everyone scurrying for jumpers

                                                          Close enough to the Camera
Reefs and holes produced Jacks and Snapper in numbers.and occasional Tarpon and Blue Threadfin.

                                                 Blue Threadfin were not plentiful
The Barra didn't like it and started ignoring us, some were caught  although it was the exception and not the rule,Queenfish were plentiful as you would expect with the cooler months and numerous fish were caught up to 90 cms

                                                  Anywhere in the evening is magic
The Diurnal and Nocturnal crossover (last light, first light) was excellent during the week with numerous small to medium Trevally and Queenfish caught in numbers,this is undoubtedly a very pleasant way to start or finish a day in Bynoe harbour.

On a final note for those who think its easy to fall off my Hewes, Dotty did the big spear off purely from horsing around, nonetheless she wins the step off trophy.

                                                     Dorothee at saturation point

Cheers Graeme

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