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Monday, 4 May 2015


Lord Jim is 'killing a pig' with a Wayne Hinton 'slider' on the saratoga in Corroboree, and there has been a heap of inquires about what a slider is.  I think most surface type flies like 'Dalbergs' and some smaller 'Fat Boys' would probably be called sliders, but Wayne made his up with clear silicone like Selleys 'All Clear'.   I dont have any of his old flies here but have made one up using UV thin to give you an idea of his fly.  Bit rough, but that's not unusual!

  First tie on a good weed guard, with these the double was always the best

 Then add your tail, either synthetic or natural...we liked the bushy feathers the best
Colours are up to you, I have used white and yellow because that worked, 
but so did black and red/yellow...so it is up to you!

 Add some bulky body material...I have used EP fibre which has a shine in it..
tie it up near the eye leaving only enough room to put the weed guard over the hook

 Making sure that the 'body' material is all around the hook shank, push it back like this..
Wayne used to put a tie or band around the body to hold it in position so that it was 
more streamlined

 The apply your silicone...I used thin brushable UV because its easier and dries quicker
though I think the silicone gives the fly a bit heavier head, Loon head finish works well too 

 The clip your weed guard over the hook and put on an eye is you think it needs one
I put a bit of UV over the end of the hook too 

These are reasonable quick and easy to tie, and I remember Wayne casting them over the lilies almost to the bank, then bringing them right across.  On one occasion one of the flies got caught about three feet up on a lily and a saratoga jumped completed clear of the water to take them.   Wayne won a lot of competitions, so the fly works.  Try your version!

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