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Monday, 11 May 2015


A quick report until we get all the photos...

Here is a dictionary meaning for the word Corroboree,
chiefly Australian party or other lively social gathering:

In the past a corroboree has been inclusive of sporting events and other forms of skill display. 

So the Corroboree Cup/Plate fits right into the "lively social gathering" definition, and of course the display of skill by those at the gathering is always important.  

This year no matter how skillful we were it was still hard to find Barra out there, only five for the event and even the toga were hiding from us.  Plenty of tarpon though, the biggest being 45cm, but we saw bigger. A hire boat was trolling near some of us and pulled up a 55 and 60cm.  I would have thought that the 51cm that young Bill Shappert from Corroboree Park Tavern got the weekend before would have been one of the biggest out there but it appears there are some monsters in there.

The barra are still out there though, the same weekend a 90cm was landed in Hardies which is right next door.

This year we included the plate, for those who don't fly fish, because the only fishing rule we have out there is "Have Fun", its not a competition......it falls within the definition set out above for 'corroboree'...........A party or other lively social gathering..

We do not have big lines of fish,(groups of five only) and have multiples on different sizes so that bigger fish get more points, but there is also a multiple on a selected fish for the day, for example we had a multiple of five for 'Catfish' on the first day and three for 'Tarpon on the last day.  This makes a level playing field so everyone has a chance at the glory that you win. 

This year the inaugural plate went to Queensland when Alinta Orr took it out... 

and the Cup went interstate as well to Victoria with Craig winning the fly glory...

You have to blame Roggie for the blurry photos, and he blames to bottles of red the night before....

So the interstaters outdid us territorians....good on them... it is wonderful to see how many came from interstate just for the 'fun of it'.

It was really beautiful on the billabong, very cool mornings, so you had to cover up.  We were treated to Brolgas dancing, sea eagles locked together plummeting for ages before separating, and a host of other birds.  Some big crocs too, we are waiting for some photos 'The Stig' and Canadian Pete took of a monster that had to be 5m plus and will publish them when they arrive.

The 'Show Ponies' on the draught horse as the sun rises

The M & M boat needed a push start because of a flat battery
Roggie giving a push start? No.  but nearly falling in!
Vinny, Ross and Jayden.
The 'Tom Thumb' with Dion and Craig.
Phillip and Stephen
Di and Hags

Barb putting the 'Barbless' boat on the trailer.
The 'Brokenflagons' slept in?
The 'Orrs', Tony the thorn between two roses.
Setting up

The Show Ponies.
He looks happy?
Darren doing a great job of 'netting'?
Nice fat Tarpon.
Lord Jim presenting Pete with $100 donation to the local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.
The raffle for two nights accomodation with meals at Corroboree Park Tavern and two nights in a spa room at Sand Palms raised enough for us to make a donation to the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, thanks to those.  Also a big thank you to Nightcliff Bendigo Bank  

Corroboree Park Tavern put on a wonderful three course meal for us all to enjoy on the Saturday night, with wine it really did make us forget about how hard the fishing had been, thanks very much to all the wonderful staff at Corroboree Park Tavern (click to like their page) feast your eyes on the beautiful entree we all enjoyed along with the main and dessert. 

lemon garlic prawns on cauliflower mash and rice paper rolls

sticky peppered scotch fillet and vegetables
 chicken breast with three cheeses wrapped in bacon with vegetables 

profiteroles with custard cream and chocolate sauce 

Photo was bombed by Crusty's finger.

The 'Chicken' main


Roggies favourite course


  1. Thankyou Cathie and Roggie for the great wrap you gave the team at Corroboree , we aim to please and are hoping to see you again Regards Toni ( Chef at Corroboree)

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Its Trevor from Pro-Angler Geelong thanks for posting the report I would kill to be up there again. Heading to CXI for 2 weeks June 30 so not all bad. Give my regards to the big fella Rog and Hi to the best Lady Swoffer I've seen.
    Trevor Martin
    HurleysFlyFishing World Geelong Vic.