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Monday, 25 May 2015


A few of the mob have been talking about a trip out to the fresh (Billabongs) later in the year and during the conversation, we discussed a trip back to Seven Emu Station on the Robinson River because its been a few years since any of us have been down there, so for those contemplating a trip down there next year possibly, here are some highlights...we always had a small group with us, and as you will see it was great for the kids (these photos are over a decade ago)..

The two photos above are of one of our camps at the Cox's Crossing which could be crossed when the tides were low....its mainly fresh but at the end of the tidal influence

This is a 126cm, the biggest we landed down there, but we saw bigger ones

This is a typical barra..

and there are queenies galore....
all big and right up into the fresh. we lived on these and favoured them over barra

The girls had a ball with the queenies, and on fly they really give you a run for your money here are a few action shots

Cathie into a queenie

Cathie into another with Darryl and Tony coming up the River

Virginia on a queenie

Her mum, Sophie with another

Virginia with one of her queenies

Kyla with a pair of queenies and one on the table for filleting

The fly got hooked in the fin of this one....

..but Cathie still got it in.

Pete with Richard and another typical queenie

Gemma and Renee..now in their teens will probably cringe at the photos...
we had a blow up pool down there for the kids, so they didn't have to go near the water because of crocs, it was about two metre round and half a metre high.  When we caught bait we put it into the pool and the kids would dive for them...kept them happy.  But our dog bert would jump in and eat any of the bait he could catch.

We did it really tough...like most our camps...

and the card games were very serious...

 So we will try and get all the camping gear, stove fridge, generators etc. and see if we cant have a return possibly next year.

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