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A social group of dedicated fly fishers who are passionate about fly fishing in the tropical north of Australia and equally as passionate about the close camaraderie this sport brings. This passion and dedication led to the creation of the NT Flyfishers Social Mob blog site; an interactive and creative outlet where everyone can share our wonderful fly fishing adventures and link into the “after fishing” social events we enjoy in this incredible part of the world.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Just a quick update on the BSSS

Lord Jim has printed off score sheets for us, but just in case you wish to print your own, here is a copy to print off for Saturday.  We will have another draw Saturday evening, for the species on Sunday and you will have to write them in.

Where possible get your score sheets back to Sand Palms by 6pm on Saturday the 6th and 2pm on Sunday the 7th.   Add up your species score and multiply it by the number of selected species you have caught for the total count for species.  then add up the total of 'others' and add that total to the total count for the species to get your final score.   We have a large sheet to show the positions each day.

We have been trying to do up a logo for the mob, at this stage we have the top half of Australia as the NT (ie. Northern Territory of Australia) which takes in from around the Gold Coast QLD area in the east to approximately Kalbarri in WA.  The rest of course is the Southern Territory of Australia.
  Any  polite suggestions appreciated!! 

According to the weather people, it may be breezy in the mornings, but dropping off in the middle of the day.  Will be interesting to see if their predictions are correct!!!!!

here is another logo to consider?

Maybe we should have a logo competion

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  1. Just checked the wind forcast for Saturday and it looks pretty good, calm in the morning (who were you talking to) and picking up to 5-10 from about 10-3 then picking up as a northerly seabreeze at 10-15. Can't get Sundays' yet, but will probably be a bit windier with the 1036hpa high comming across.