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Friday, 21 October 2016

The Cast the Strike

I'm watching, the Barra is a sitting duck all 80cms just laying there 7m's away,first cast short, I'm thinking "never aim at the fish", second cast 2m's to the right and behind, I'm thinking "not much practise here", third cast straight over the top and was drawn into the fish's side who decided there is no evident threat and swam off.

Next fish bit smaller slowly drifting off the flat first cast 3 mts in front and level, the Barra by the time it got anywhere near the fly saw us turned around and went back the way it came from.

Third fish,first cast not even in the same postcode ! second cast I'll be buggered perfect as it was drawn past the Barra ate it and spat it out again, blank look from me to my client who said "I didn't feel a thing" I said, "  neither did he".
Persisting on next Barra and excusing the first 3 casts details finally got it right, again coming across the strike zone perfect, I said expect him to eat it, it did and the rod shot skywards the Barra jumped once and gone.

This is my life for a very many guiding days and when someone says how did you go my comment is usually,".. caught a few scared a few".

Now this is not over critical but purely observation, this is experience and  is often  what you get when you dont get what you want.
There are two casts for Barra the right one and everything else if its not in the strike zone forget it.
Knowing that when it is in the strike zone expect them to eat it .When its mouth opens in goes your "you beaut" fly when it shuts out it goes, not the other way around they implode whatever they eat by opening their mouth and expelling it when they shut it all in one movement.
                                        What Fly? Take your pick but get it right on the cast

Lift strikes in saltwater do not usually work hooks are much larger and barbed and need to penetrate you will not do that over the slightest bend in a flyrod.  Strike with your stripping hand and stick it in.
                                                              Someones idea of a joke

For the next week I'm off to the Mini Mini Endalgut Island system one of my favourite places to guide on the Tropic Paradise. Will file a report when I get back.

Cheers Graeme

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