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A social group of dedicated fly fishers who are passionate about fly fishing in the tropical north of Australia and equally as passionate about the close camaraderie this sport brings. This passion and dedication led to the creation of the NT Flyfishers Social Mob blog site; an interactive and creative outlet where everyone can share our wonderful fly fishing adventures and link into the “after fishing” social events we enjoy in this incredible part of the world.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

"Bugger - No Bling!"

1st October = Million Dollar Fish time.

Darwin Harbour was picture perfect with minimal wind, calm water and plenty of Barra to throw a bunch of feathers at.

No Bling!!
 Ended up with three in the boat all sight cast to just as the water dropped out of the mangroves. All in the same size range 52cms – 54cms and none with Red “bling” on to liven up the day. Maybe next time!

 A 5ft hammerhead shark off East Boat Ramp very angry about me trying to remove his Trevally neighbour. Trevor never saw the deck carpet!!

 Don’t forget the Yellow Waters weekend on the 15th 16th October. 

 Keep the photos coming in for the number of species for “How High Can We Fly??”

If you haven't got the emailed flyers for the above send a message at the bottom of this page and will get it to you.

 Remember; “You’ll never never know, if you never never go. Get out there and fish!” 

Tight lines

Jim Churchley


  1. Said Yellow waters boat ramp closed, on tails from the tinny

    1. That is correct "Anonymous". Spoke with Parks this week and all depends on rain, if continue as has been over last week should be open, if good rain the flow between Home and Yellow Waters should allow travel. As always for fishing in the hands of Mother Nature. If no access Home, Mardugal and Jim Jim offer fantastic fishing options. Look forward to seeing you there on the weekend of the 15th. Billabongs really starting to fire up with the temperature rise. Jim

  2. As at 02.10.16 the Yellow Waters boat ramp has been re-opened.