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Friday, 8 July 2016


Just a bit of an update and some advise (probably suspect) on the fishing weekend of the 16th and 17th of July 2016 mentioned in this link BYNOE.  This link has a lot of info such as tides and some reports from fishing in Bynoe in July going back a few years.

Now for the (suspect) advice;

The Wind....well the fact is on all the July trips over the past fourteen years that I have been on it has been windy...usually blows hard for a while then drops off...but we always caught good fish...sometimes you have to find a spot out of the wind for a while....but that can often introduce you to a new fishing spot. Graeme the Grey's post from July last year sums a lot of it up..click WIND to see the post.  Remember what Graeme says, "...make the wind your friend".

 This is one of the many fish we caught in July one year (2006 I think) when we had to look for shelter with a group of boats and found a quiet spot in the bushes which was alive with fish (probably hiding from the wind too?)

Finding a spot 'out of the wind' can also find a lot of good fish.
The Tides....there is not a lot of movement, this link may help out there THE GAME PLAN ,  other even more suspect advice is also from some fishing in the past with 'no run' in the tides.   Use 'Berley'!   Yeah I know a lot seem to frown on that, and we don't use it much because we are moving along all the time with the electric motors, but it does work.   When there is not a lot of flow the berley is not washed away in the current so hangs around a lot more.  Dave, Scotty and me used to anchor up for Dave's ritual morning tea, and while we had one of Scotty's egg and bacon pies (each had about a dozen eggs I think and blocked me up for a fortnight), we would put out some berley.  Cat/Dog food pellets crushed a bit or just fish pieces.( I think those days we spent two thirds of the time eating and sipping tea or coffee than we did fishing.)   

The berley was basically to bring up the smaller fish which in turn attracted a lot of bigger fish that would circle the area.  Keep your eye out for them, they were often big single pelagics or a pair, that would come to investigate and you needed to be ready to drop you fly in the right spot to catch them.

Even the 'Lure' fishers catch good fish.

Fly/Lure (Flure) ..because we often meet people down there that are travelling around or just having a weekend out and don't fly fish, a few yarns over a couple (or more) drinks has made these outings Fly and Lure because everyone joins in.  An unbiased (of course) opinion is that the fly always wins, though that has been disputed but when, in an unbiased way, we explain that lure fishers are really only apprentice fly fishers and will graduate to fly one day, everything is fine (more bull).

Cook Up .....Again, because of the camaraderie that these little get togethers generate we have had cook ups of the catches of an evening.   So the Saturday evening, the woks and burners will come out, for the catch to be cooked on the tray of Jim's ute as usual.  Wonder if fly or lure will supply the most fish.    The last one had all the campers and staff from Sand Palms there too..but just is case we do have a back up....Sand Palms kitchen and menu.

So...let's go fishing

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