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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Billabong Fun Instead of Show Day

Friday saw Dad and I congregrating to a secret billabong where we had plans to meet Lord Jim and Hags. To our surprise every man and his dog was already there with them! I think we counted a dozen boats or so which lead me to believe that this spot wasn't so secret after all... With our intentions not to let this spoil a trip with good mates in a beautiful place we squeezed our camp between Jim and Hags, (which wasn't the best idea as they both have a strong reputation for snoring) then went for a fish.

We soon come across the snoring duo who had caught this nice saratoga and tiddler barra.

Surface fly across the lilies did the trick

4 points according to Jim! Apparently two of these trump Hags' toga??

Sleepy cod was caught on the surface also

With a feed of soup and garlic bread for entree provided by Jim as well as Di's mexican meatball's for main we were all off to bed with full belly's. The night was peaceful and calm besides the odd disturbance due to a release of flatulence on Jim's behalf, no snoring though!

The next morning was fresh and cold...

Whilst I had trouble hooking a toga, the old boy was giving me a run for my money.

Toga always seem to resist their photo

Only saw a couple of decent sized barra caught. Perhaps they were pushed deeper by all the boat activity?
That's the way back to camp, isn't??
Can't go camping without making a mixed fruit damper
Lord Jim was even generous enough to lend a beer (for cooking purposes). Hags must've bought the carton of beer...

Whilst the fishing wasn't the best, we always had fun.


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