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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

"Spot Y"

The word got out that I fished “Spot Y” for a couple of trips. 
"Spot Y"

While we had that rain for a day this got one of the feeder creeks moving and as a result some of the Barra moved as well resulting in 3 hook ups and 3 losses. Almost impossible to hold them when they can dive straight into weed beds beneath or into flooded reed beds. Good fun though!

24 hours before this was pumping with the rain

Toga plentiful and very entertaining.

Magic species for the fly rod!

Small but fun!

If anyone out there knows of a good rain dance start doing it now, the freshwater scene needs it bad.


Chasing Trout for the next 10 days, not Coral but Rainbow and Brown and by all accounts Tasmania has the same problem as the NT “more rain required”. Will let all know on return how things go. Spent 10 minutes last night trying to tie on a #16 Red Tag to a 4lb tippet before I realised I had dropped the tippet and was trying to thread fresh air through the eye of the hook for 10 minutes!!!!  Stronger glasses required for this task!!!

Remember: “You’ll never never know, if you never never go. Get out there and fish!”

Tight lines

Jim Churchley 

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