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Monday, 22 February 2016

Bynoe weekend - report

Courtesy of the Stig and Canadian Pete

Well with Canadian Pete in his 4.8 Formosa - we just had two long and stinking hot days at Bynoe harbour

Heat, wind and tide conditions saw us out the front of Bynoe harbour at one of the outer sand bars of the harbour. Given how soft and old I am these days - would not survive way up in the back waters in such humidity, heat and still conditions. So we went out the front where a bit of breeze could extend the energy for a long SWOFFING day!

In summary......
One day - mind blowing
The second - much harder of a day
Both were soooo sooooo hot weather wise
One day fish going nuts for the fly
The second with not much change weather wise except wind direction - not so enthusiastic to take the fly - so a lot of casts between fish that day

Best part of the trip undoubtedly was sight casting to big queenfish stacked up in large numbers in 12 feet of the most crystal clear water, watching the big fish instantly react to our stripped flies.

Below is a post trip photograph of my daughter admiring one of the queenfish I kept for an old Filipino lady up the road. This one was one of the small ones at 80cm.

Have heaps of video from the trip that I am currently editing in a video clip, as too a fishing report to write yet - so hope you don't mind waiting a bit for it
Hopefully I will have it ready to post later in the week). heaps of work to catch up on over the next couple of days. Then I can write the report.

until then - tight lines.

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