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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Yellow Waters the place to be.

Decided to take a trip out to Yellow Waters for the weekend. Arrived about 10pm and set camp at Mardugal camp ground, no problem with the neighbors as I was the only one there!!

First light Saturday morning saw me launching the boat at Home Billabong. Water level was very low with a steep launch ramp that has been given a top dress of rocks to assist traction. 4WD a must, slow and easy equals no problems.

Slow and easy the way to go.

Within metres of the ramp the first Barra was spotted and sightings continued for the duration of my time on the water. Super clear water gave rise to super spooky fish, turning away from the fly in the water, taking flight at any splash or fly line in the air. Frustrating, no, just a challenge. A change of fly to a synthetic fibre that goes translucent in the water solved one issue, casting improvement and thought about the cast assisted with the other issues. Result was 5 legal Barra in the boat and a very enjoyable morning.
One of many.
For years we all have known that Salvinia has had a presence in Home Billabong, I can report that it is there with a vengeance and I do have serious concerns for the future of this waterway. I would really like to know if parks have any action plan to control and stop its spread. Look at the impact on 4 Mile Hole in one year!!

It's there with a vengeance.

After a civilized cold foaming draft beer at the lodge at lunchtime it was time to hit Yellow Waters for the afternoon. After 5 hours on the water the tally was 26 Barra boated, smallest being 52cms, largest being 74cms, all sight casted to!! Due to the water being dirty in the lower reaches from cruise boat operations I headed upstream where the water was crystal, heaps of fish either cruising or tucked up in the snags. Again flighty fish but good presentation reaps rewards. My reward was a bag limit of fish for neighbours and people at work!

Another one.

5 families having fish for dinner tomorrow.

On the water at first light Sunday led to a repeat performance in both Yellow and Home Billabongs with all fish landed being above legal limit.

Good weekend, good fishing, great fun in a great location. How lucky are we?? Trust me I think that Million Dollar Barra is lurking in them waters. Give it a go!!

Jon and Jack ask me I know where the birds are!

Remember; “you’ll never never know, if you never never go! Get out there and fish.

Tight lines
Jim Churchley

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