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Thursday, 29 October 2015


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day Two of Father and son

Day two of our father and son holidays started before dawn.
By sun up we were halfway to Weed Reef
The early morning sky over the city was all sorts of purple and blue hues, with a full moon setting as we headed towards Weed Reef - all making it an awesome sight.

Behind us the reddest of suns was getting higher in the sky,
                (sorry no photo - been quite slack with the camera lately)

The water was calm as I have seen it in a while  - which made the trip a lot faster than Monday's outing. And easier to see fish action from further distances.

On arrival the high tide had covered all but the very tips of the mangroves that precariously grow on the sand and gravels bars of Weed Reef.

The tide was already racing out of the harbour and we were encouraged by an occasional slash or boil down current of the mangrove trees - a clear indication that the baitfish were hugging the trees for safety but being forced to leave that safety by the raging and falling tide

I mentioned to my son that the predators would be shortly patrolling the gravel bar at the edge of the reef. He then spied some birds (already learning - look for the birds to find the fish!) working the area I mentioned. So we drifted over with the current and the electric motor

We anchored near the last few trees before the gravel bar. As soon we get there the birds were working hard over the top of some very aggressive queenfish and trevally (brassies?)

Brad was getting a fish a cast and thoroughly enjoying his time on the water. At times his fly would only just hit the water and it would be ravaged. Rarely would he get a full retrieve in without a hit or take of the fly.

For a while I wasn't getting as many fish as my son, rather I was totally enjoying my son's excitement at all the fish bursting the surface around us and for two hours we caught fish after fish with his huge grin causing me to grin even more.

Brad commented that using a fly with a sinker rather than a soft plastic was far better in catch rates but also that he would have used maybe a pack or more of tails instead of the couple of flies he was using that had far better durability.

When we got home my wife got mad at me for not filming any of the action - but you just had to keep casting with all those fish all around the boat. (head cam off line at the moment due mount issue).

We keep a few fish to feed a few friends who heard of our exploits on Monday - but today's action and catch rates were crazy - easily 20+ fish each in that first session of 2.5 hours at Weed Reef.  

We left the fish biting for newer waters - heading towards Mandorah but nothing of note to occupy ourselves
We crossed over the harbour towards Lee Point (old faithful) but Brad saw more birds near East Point. The queenfish here were much larger (50-65cm) and full of fight in the strong tidal flow.

We caught 10 or so each before continuing to Lee Point - but NOTHING for a change at Lee Point
The tide was almost bottomed out too, so we heading back into the harbour.

We thought about going to the West Arm creeks but the heat of the day had zapped us. Then the wind came on hard down the harbour along with white tipped waves.
But the tide was too low to get the boat out. So we tried a few more places (all wind blown and no fish). We did spend an hour casting a sand bank south of Channel Island that look quite promising but only saw small rays.

Heading out again tomorrow - Brad very keen for Weed Reef action again. Need to be back in by 11am or the later low tide will force us to be out till late arvo.

Until then - Tight lines and fast fish

the NT Swoffer (and Son - well for another 3 days before he flies back to Newcastle, NSW)

  This is the down current edge looking back over Weed Reef. Note the ultra smooth up current side of gravel bar. That edge line between the smooth and rough water was were the fish were feeding.
All you had to do was put a fly along this edge and fish went nuts!  It was far better if they were already crashing the surface and the baitfish near it and you got the fly close to them

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