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Friday, 24 July 2015


A Huntin’,Shootin’,Fishin’ trip to the East Coast (of the Top End) a couple of weeks ago resulted in a several land-based flyrodding sessions of some note.

Bagged a few buffs and scrub bulls for the chiller but it was definitely the fishing that was a stand-out.

The venue was a small rocky headland protruding from the mangroves near the top of the tidal stretch of one of the Gulf rivers.
As the tide rose, schools of ravenous queenfish arrived and produced the kind of action one can only dream about. We visited this spot 3 times over 4 days, and managed between 35 and 50 skinnies each time, apologies for losing count!

The fish repeatedly attacked the fly like packs of ravenous wolves and as expected were immediately airborne on hook-up. Spectacular stuff!
Average size queenies around 80cm were in plague proportions.
Whenever an 'average' fish was hooked, there were always a few leviathans in attendance down deep, however it was very difficult to get a fly down to them without hooking a lesser fish. Busted the Lefty’s Loop on the 40lb co-polymer tippet twice by strip-striking the bigger ones as they took off. Their speed and power at hook-up rather caught me by surprise!  Eventually managed to stay attached to one for a tough fight, well over 50m of backing out twice as he made big powerful runs downstream, but stayed out of the rocks and mangroves thankfully. The end result? A 'personal best' for the fly at 104cm fork-length. 
Only 12cm less than Starlo’s record fish, so pretty happy with that!
Best queenie on fly at 104cm.
Also managed another couple of 'milestones' with the long wand on that weekend:
a PB Long Tom at around 1.2 metres....
Big gulf-river Long-Tom shredded the fly but stayed attached.
...and my first ever Queensland Groper on fly, luckily only a juvenile.  As it was, he went under a rock for a while and I had to wait for him to swim back out!
Uncommon flyrod capture- juvenile Groper! Aren't they gorgeous?!

Tony & Rebecca

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