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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Has been pretty windy out at Bynoe the last few days, so many of us have fished in different spots to get out of the wind...fish are there, but can be very very frustrating.  In one spot there were five barra around 70cm, which was a bit larger than the groups we have been seeing, and under them was a huge threadie. They were all lazing in very shallow water, but nothing would attract them.  Fly, Lure or Bait....might have to get a spear gun, or even a good cast net because they stayed close to the boat and could probably have put the net over them.  

Still managing a few barra out of groups that are around 50cm, plenty of small queenies and trevally on the reefs if you can stand up in the rough water caused by the wind.  Speaking to everyone out here, we are all finding it hard, but the truth is we have been too spoilt in the past.  We are seeing plenty of fish, but they wont eat.  Heaps of bait around might be the answer or maybe next week??

Pete Davies is out here with his Bynoe bandits, but we have not been able to speak to him yet to see how he is going...went out with the Helifish mob today so might catch up to him tonight to see how he is going...

Pete's Bynoe Bandit
Roggie has been tryng a heap of different flies but the most succesful so far have been these type on Enrico Puglisi fibre

These all have a thin line of DNA along the inside of them

This one has DNA over the EP fibre
A couple of the boys (Cliff and Gary) who have fished here for years, came back into Milne Inlet to get out of the wind and got hooked up on a mangrove, when they went in to get the lure (dark side) they saw a metre plus barra laying under the mangrove...they panicked, but it didn't seem too scared and swam out onto the sand flat, so when they got the lure off, after catching everything in the boat, including themselves trying to get the lure out, they managed to hook the fish.   Off it went, dragged them around on the flat and then made off at speed, shaking its head...the lured pulled out..and all the hooks were straightened....frustrating!!!!!

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