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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Marty & I left late on Friday - around 7pm. We had a good run through to the turn off and made it through to the creek crossing. We were a little surprised at how deep and sloppy the creek crossing was - definitely 4WD only! The going was very slow and rough after the creek - like a totally different track. It took about 25 minutes to go around 5 Kms! We used low range first gear and crawled along so slowly that the odometer read 0km all the way!

Oh bugger! (Toyota....oh what a feeling!)
We arrived at the boat ramp at about 11pm and to our absolute joy, we were the only people there........sometimes I do think there may be a god! By the time we had launched the boat and set up camp it was just after midnight. 

Sparrows!! Morning Glory

Up at sparrow's, we set off with coffees and high expectations into the predawn gloom and headed downstream. I have to say, the fish were slow coming on the bite and after a number of teasing bites Marty eventually (8.30am) landed the first fish. A beautiful Barra..........oh no.......someone forgot the brag mat........so no fish measurements this report!! Not a big fish......but a Barra (about 65cm). 

 First fish.... The champion for the weekend

We hung around for another hour or so and although we hooked up, we couldn't land anything. 
We headed back to get more coffee and then went upstream to the wonderful snaggy end of the billabong and......OMG! It was like a switch was flicked and the fish started jumping onto the lure......Marty's lure anyway!  I (Justine) couldn't do anything right and was ready to stick out her bottom lip and go home when after another hour Marty had landed 5 fish (Toga, Barra and large hungry archer fish) and I had barely had a nibble! 

Wasn't long though (just seemed like an eternity before my first fish) and both of us were hauling them in. The water flashed with fish around the snags and rock bar, often with several fish chasing the lures. As soon as an area went quiet, we moved on to the next snag and there were more fish.....everywhere. 
 Picked Jus's bottom lip up.....

...and even land based...darkside
We had a break late afternoon, tied the boat up and wandered up one of the little feeder creeks. Yes....within 5 minutes we had both landed Barras. Over Saturday and Sunday morning, we reckon we landed around 50 fish in the boat which included Barra, Togas, Sooty Grunter, Tarpon and Archer fish. (No catfish).

 We probably lost or failed to hook up on just as many as we caught. 

Smallest Sooty of the weekend
All in all, this was a great weekend of fishing at a beautiful spot. We came home with aching arms and totally knackered! 

Weekends champion angler - Marty

Most noteworthy fish - toga about 70cm to Jus

     The Brokenflagons

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