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Friday, 5 June 2015

Bigger Fish and a Choice of Style

I think every Fly fisher thinks or dreams about  bigger fish at times, with Barra location is a factor
mostly dictated by the environment they inhabit. Big females that congregate in the  rivers are the 1m up to 1.4m holy grail to a lot of people, the fly fisher if he wishes can tangle with these run off monsters but as good as it is its still predominantly speculative.

Watch and Barra will lift to look or scoot from one section to another
Years ago and primarily because my trout background of find the fish then catch it mentality I chose the sight fishing option..  Visual contact over and above anything else is an adrenalin rush its down to you, regardless if you get it wrong its obvious, get it right and you get the strike.
Colour changes in shallows where a knowing flash is seen is exciting drains that Barra lift and look at you are great, sinking flies down snags and rock bars is not my thing. Frankly you don't normally see them in that situation, drifting flies deep in big rivers has personally never interested me.

Terry Garret and his first ever sighted Barramundi
Going down methods got a lot more legs around 2005 when a prominent fishing identity gave a talk "Go Deeper" in the Salt water Challenge, that  killed the beauty of the visual hunt for me and the competition points went through the roof with cricket score Snapper recorded, mind you a lot of people caught stuff, that's always great but a personal choice stops my use of heavy weighted fly lines and techniques in there use.

Golden Trevally are a bonus in some clear shallows
Long time friend Craig Wilson was with me last week and over a discussion he asked how do I target the bigger fish in Bynoe harbour," bigger"here is 70 cm's up to mid 90 cm's,  metre Barra are a bit like political integrity, they exist but are rare.

Big Barra like vacating deep edges early
There are flats in Bynoe that hold generally bigger fish thats a fact, you go there and you will see them ,they tend to leave earlier on the drop obviously more wary and can be very suspicious.

Hard to pass up a good free swimming Tarpon
I told Craig and his Fishing partner Terry Garret, that the best thing is stake it out and  ignore all else, if  you get the shot, it will be brief as the water on some of these flats is dropping fast maybe three shots in it before I have to vacate out, I have no desire to experience blank looks for hours on end and you already know all my jokes.

Came the 5th day in to the springs and we did that, first fish we got a shot too was spotted and a nice cast about 50ft, the Barra did a classic inhale shook its head and spat it out, I said, "Weren't you supposed to strike ?" and he said, "Would you believe it swum into the shimmer and I never saw the take!", admittedly that happens quite often especially early morning.

The results of a good stake out
Next one up with me getting a real hollow feeling about having to leave allowed one shot which at 45ft was a good cast, a metre in front, but in line with it and promptly ignored, unfortunately what looks like 10 cms from the fish with refraction in 30 cm's of water is close to a metre away.next cast was spot on and hooked well. I drove the electric all the way out during the fight fish or no fish out was the only option.

The discipline in waiting is, no sounder, no moving, no casting and let them come to you.

Throw a hookless Popper and see what shows up
Last week the first 5 days were brilliant good fish in double numbers Golden Trevally,  big Queenfish heaps of small ones, One session late in the afternoon I threw a hookless popper around and on a mirror surface had a Queenfish create a 20 cm high bulge behind it for about 20 metres, had to be 15 kg at a minimum.
Fast, Spectacular the big Queenfish

The rain and wind and cloud turned up for the last two days ,at least the water temp kept to 27,28'c and doing a lot of hiding we managed to produce a few good fish .

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