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Saturday, 8 July 2017


Courtesy of Tony ORR

Apologies for the unashamed brag-photos...
Haven't had as much time on the water as I would like over the last few months, but managed a couple of crackers nevertheless. While I acknowledge that barra are not at all difficult to coax into eating feathers, big ones can be quite difficult to bring to bag when there is no boat involved!

Three 'meteries' so far this year, all on the 9-weight, and all land-based.
Hope you enjoy the photos:

Right on 100cm, caught during the 'wet' on one of my flashy gold rattle-rousers.

This one scoffed a 4/0 rattling 'Pink Thing' and measured 112cm.

Also taken on a rattling 'Pink Thing', this specimen dragged the tape out to 113cm.
All were extremely challenging amongst the waterlilies, hyacinth, and submerged paperbark logs!
But that's all over now....

The cool weather has brought the tuna and mackerel into the harbour, so....
Hi ho, hi-ho, its out to sea we go!

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