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Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Saratoga and Legend of Goose Creek

The first time I came across a Saratoga was in the 1988 Barra Classic held as was usual in those days on Corroboree Billabong, Dotty and I were guest entrants, on the first day travelling downstream we came across a well known identity holding a Saratoga up and clubbing it to death, I thought thats not very nice,but
Dorothee Williams circa 1989 Goose Creek
the Saratoga was not a target and most fishers gave it as much due respect as a catfish,I discovered during the 5 days (never again entered that competition) that you could catch them around lily pads and to me they were just amazing creatures.

American Tarpon and Permit guide Capt Steve Huff
One evening Alex Julius said to me that there was a place on Melville Island and a creek named Goose that flowed fresh and there were lots up in the top reaches,fortunately my adopted Tiwi mother Miena came from that country Alex Dotty and I flew there and caught a few with flyrods, in clear water they would follow 15 metres and smash you. I made an agreement with the Traditional Owners that we would protect, respect and market this species and Goose Creek as a fly only river.
Goose Crk became as Harro wrote later the first non Salmanoid river closed to only Flyfishing, Alex wrote it up as the cover above shows and Harro brought lefty Kreh out to film "The New Frontier" . The Legendary Saratoga of Goose Creek was created, we serviced the destination with Helicopters from Barra Base and many National and international Identity's came using the weed guarded Dalhberg Divers that suddenly became useful .

Unfortunately in the years after we left new owners introduced lures into the equation,I haven't been back in 25 years but on the main land the good news was that a small band of fly fishers started to target the vast Lily pad systems of the NT Billabongs the Saratoga became a great competitive species to pursue that was virtually unpalatable and therefore protecting its future.

Roger Sinclair started a Corroboree challenge which emphasised  this prehistoric predator and that continues to this day. 

My first Saratoga in Goose Creek circa 1988

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