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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spot Z & Bynoe Harbour

Spot Z

A few weeks ago we did a trip to a billabong we shall call spot Z.  Spot Z is accessed by boat & involves fishing off the bank..........Please remember to be crocwise!
Total for the day 1 Toga on fly, 1 Toga & 4 Barra on soft plastics.

Croc slide (only a baby)

Jack with a small Barra

Hayden with another Barra

Old fart with Barra

Bynoe Harbour

The second outing was to Bynoe, this involved a mixed bag of fish in varying wet season conditions!

Jack's Barra caught in some of the lighter rain

We fished our usual spots with not a lot of action until the tide turned.  There was a bit of action in a creek with 2 Jacks landed & a Barra within 30 minutes.  Apologies but no photo's of the Jacks as the rain was too heavy........

Jack's new PB 64cm
After moving to one of the Bassett's secret spots, Jack hooked & landed his new PB on fly a 64cm Barra.  It has to be said this was a very unlucky fish, the fly had not been stripped when it was nailed.  I am not sure who was more surprised!
On the fly 2 x Barra, 2 x Jacks.  On a micro jig (new rod had to break it in) 1 x Javelin fish, 1 x Goldy & 1 Spanish Flag.

On the way home we headed to the Finiss fresh to dunk the trailer in some fresh water.
The Finiss culvert is the lowest I have seen for this time of year.  A reflection of the poor wet season.  In other years we have not been able to access the Hardcastle road ramp due to the culvert being around 1.1m.  Note the level marker is missing, however the post is still there.

Finiss culvert, note the level marker missing

A new recipe was tried "Almond encrusted Barra".  I can report it was an outstanding success!  A very easy & healthy meal.

Get out there & fish!


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