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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Yellow Waters

Last weekend ventured out to Yellow Waters to try my luck. The drive out was met with a nice cooling storm at Jabiru and was to be the first of a couple of storms to eventuate over the next couple of days.

Rain on its way!

Fished both Home and Yellow Waters over the weekend with Home providing fish that seemed to be in much better condition and were much more receptive to the fly. Yellow Water stock was very visible but would shy away from the fly, frustrating to the max. Don’t know if the water temp had anything to do with it, Home 30-31 degrees, Yellow Waters 32-34 degrees.

Great fish to catch!

While the numbers of fish caught came nowhere near to that of my last visit about a month ago it is a great place to visit at this time of the year to sight all the wildlife that has congregated on the billabongs. Crocs by the hundreds with one taking my largest fish of the weekend, estimated at 70-75 cms, right at the boat, came out of nowhere. It then spent the next half an hour trying to evade other crocs that wished to have a feed also. Hope it did not have a Million Dollars stuck in its back! Waterbirds covered the water surface and often wondered if their activity of landing and taking off en-mass had anything to do with the Yellow Water fish being timid!

He wanted it more than me!

While the temperature was hot it wasn’t unbearable and the evening storms cooled it enough for good sleeping under the stars.

Home Sweet Home

Remember “You’ll never never know, if you never never go. Get out there and fish”.

Tight lines
Jim Churchley

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