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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Catfish Bob comes to Town

My brother Bob visited last month & we fished hard for 6 out of 9 days.
Sunday the 22nd March has us head to the Finiss fresh chasing sooty's.  Not a lot of action but we did get some fish.  Fish were caught using various methods not just the fly.

Jack with one of the better sooty's

Jack & Uncle Bob

Tuesday 24th March had us heading to Shady for the approaching cyclone.  Still enough water to launch in the salt so we headed for the mouth.  The police boat was there & they came over for a chat.  They took my details & made sure we weren't doing an overnighter in the boat.  Nice to see them on the water.  No fish & very wet when we got back to Point Stuart.  Tea of spaghetti bolognese (thankyou Jenni).  We then attempted to wash up with Jack's selected washing up liquid from the camper trailer (see photo).  It was a green bottle after all!

Antiseptic washing up liquid!?

Wednesday we stayed up at the top of Shady fishing the fresh for no result except 1 tarpon.  Once the tide came in we headed for 'Pearce Creek' not far from the salt water ramp.  This was our best day with 12 fish landed & everyone even on 4 fish each.  This included 2 of my fish on fly.  This was a great spot where we tied the boat up & fished off the bank.  Largest fish were in the 70's.

Catfish Bob's first Barra of the trip

Jack's first Barra

Another one off the bank

Day 3 & 4 the fishing slowly dropped off as the tides moved towards the neaps.  We did see a lot of fish mid river smashing mullet as the tide rushed in on day 3.  They were however not interested in our offerings.  Jack picked up the best fish of the trip at 79cm in the same creek.  Friday had us heading back home as Jack had a camping expedition over the weekend.

Catfish Bob & myself headed to Salt Water  Arm for a bait fishing trip to Cape Hotham on the Sunday the 31st.  We ended up with some nice Tricky Snapper after a long hot day on the water.

Catfish Bob with one of his Tricky Snapper

It was a great week of fishing despite not having the best run off.  Interestingly we only caught Catfish on that last day when bait fishing.  Bob has nearly redeemed himself & may be in the running for a new title of "Barra Bob" as he was the only one to catch a Barra on the last day at Shady.

Get out & fish, its great fun!


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  1. Whats the distance of Cape Hothman from Saltwater Arm Boat Ramp? Nice Tricky