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Monday, 14 April 2014

A couple of vids of action in darwin harbour in April 2014

A couple more videos on darwin harbour action
Not the best quality artistically as I have got to work on my cinematography !!!

But hope they inspire you to get out there and have a cast

The last four trips we have managed to catch good fish and good numbers of fish
The Pelagics anyway - GTs, golden trevally, small mackerel, queenies etc

We have quiet times, without a scale to be seen
So,we keep searching the likely spots or current lines, flats and rock bars/reefs etc until we find the fish. Most days we are only fishing dawn to midday. So easy days fishing and back home in 10minutes from boat ramp

If we did find fish, you might only get a half hour before they might move on due to tidal or wind changes. So off searching again according to conditions

At times the fish almost sacrificed themselves to get on to the flies we were casting
Fish all around the boat, sometimes having to chase sporadic slashing
Other times the fish so engrossed in feeding we were only a rod length away and roll casting flies to edges of fish bursting in aggressive shoals

It wasn't all easy all the time....
Some times lots of casts for few fish
One time we were holding boat in raging current and almost metre waves and in 30+knot winds and we still managed to work out how to catch some fish - despite conditions we found the fish and found a way to catch them. (Go the fly! for no one else was catching any that day!)

Observation and knowing why fish are somewhere and what they are eating is the key, being prepared to try something else

Enjoy the video, hope ur inspired

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